IPC Research Institute is a dynamically thriving research company which ? thanks to the experience, commitment and creativity of people related to it ? provides fully professional and complex service in the field of:

  • Market research
  • Social research
  • Evaluation research
  • Political research
  • Image research
  • The public opinion research

How can we help your Organization?

The answer is simple ? it is You to whom we will deliver suitably clear set of information resulting from the research that will be conducted on the chosen local market and will concern:

  • your future and potential customers' expectations about features of products and services you are going to offer to them,
  • the size, range and manners of your local or global competition actions,
  • your future and present customers' expectations towards your marketing, sales and customer service processes,
  • market, economic, legal environment and dynamic changes occurring within it. 

IPC Research Institute is cooperating with:

  • Marshal?s offices
  • City halls
  • Town halls
  • Districts
  • Regional Centers of Social Politics
  • Centers of Social Assistance

Since IPC Research Institute was many times realizing for its Customers:

  • local projects
  • regional projects
  • national projects
  • international projects

IPC Institute researchers have a vast experience in the research field supported by the number of references and recommendations.

We gather the large group of specialists who ensure complex and professional service to every company and the units of local government.

We are distinguished by reliability of the work we perform, punctuality and friendly approach to every customer.

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